My internship with Apple Box Studios during the fall of 2016 was truly an invaluable experience. Previously, I interned with a large corporation that did not allow for much collaboration between employees. But, at Apple Box, not a day went by that I did not have the opportunity to interact with each and every employee, which I believe is vital to the success of a marketing project or campaign. Through my collaboration with the Apple Box employees, I learned how to work with a creative department, project managers, clients and how to handle project deadlines, as well. The most important thing I learned is how to adapt to new situations and different kinds of projects being assigned to me at once.

This marketing agency has such a wonderful working environment and the employees are incredibly friendly and kind. The office aura is what truly made this internship the best experience. I was always amazed at everyone’s commitment to teamwork and how everyone was willing to have each other’s back. There was never a day where I felt intimidated or scared coming into work. I loved waking up each day knowing I was coming to this internship. Working at Apple Box didn’t feel like a job; it felt like my favorite hobby.

Fall Internship Memories With Christian:

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