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Video Marketing

The recent and dramatic rise of video marketing across digital, mobile and social media platforms is nothing short of phenomenal. This exciting new advertising strategy combines three distinct communication disciplines: branding, video production and digital marketing. Perfectly positioned to offer our clients this unique combination of capabilities, Apple Box Studios is focused on providing cost-effective video campaigns optimized for the most popular platforms. Video response rates are growing rapidly. We can help your business grow as well with a video marketing plan that gets your company noticed.

Video Marketing Services:

  • Video brand standards
  • Video marketing plans
  • Video production planning
  • Video templating
  • Video scripting & storyboarding
  • Casting, music, voice over
  • All production & editorial services
  • Budgeting & scheduling
  • Media planning & distribution
  • Social media video plans
  • Metrics & reporting
  • Video & image library management

For Your Consideration

Video Marketing Samples

Why is video so popular? Video is accessible, easy to consume and engaging. Video can evoke emotion and explain difficult concepts more easily than print. The right video with the right message can jump off the screen and demand the viewer’s attention. Here are just a few examples.


Video content is everywhere. There’s no escaping it. From Instagram to TV commercials to DIY videos on YouTube. Even feature “films” are now captured on video. Where are they being watched? On your smart phone. If your company isn’t creating video content, opportunities are being missed.