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Not So FastTM

Not So FastTM

Not So Fast is a public awareness campaign sponsored by CONSOL Energy advocating for a more measured, analytical, and moral approach to our nation’s energy policies. The campaign aims to educate citizens, corporate leadership, and U.S. policymakers about the economic and societal consequences of moving away too quickly from fossil-fuel-based sources of energy, like coal, in favor of intermittent sources like wind and solar power. These unintended consequences underscore the many challenges of a renewable energy future and the need for an orderly and realistic transition over decades to come.

Welcome to the Coal Hard Truth. Dive into each detailed page, aimed to educate, inspire, and advocate for an efficient and sustainable future. Click through to explore common myths about coal, sustainable efforts made by the coal industry, and a wealth of knowledge from our compiled research sources, and timely news articles. Our website is a gateway to a multifaceted exploration of coal’s past, present, and future role in our society.

That Comes from Coal

Aside from its obvious use to generate electricity, coal, and coal-derived compounds are necessary for producing many essential products we use every day. Products and materials such as steel, water filters, and even electric vehicles and renewable energy infrastructure, are made with the help of coal. This extensive social media series deployed on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, shows the versatility of coal and further explains why it is such an integral element of our society.

Creative Social Media

Not So Fast implements a captivating blend of creativity and purpose in its social media strategy. From thought-provoking infographics to eye-catching illustrations, our content aims to drive engagement and spark conversation in reimagining the narrative about coal. Seamlessly blending artistry with advocacy, our social media platforms have gained a combined 14 million impressions, successfully spreading awareness of what a sustainable future truly looks like.  

Campaign Poster

One of the many powerful, illustrated visual statements that encapsulates the essence of our initiative. Bold, evocative imagery draws viewers in, while the concise messaging communicates the urgency and importance of the campaign. Displayed proudly in offices and even underground in the mines, the campaign poster represents hard work, innovation, and a bright future for all.