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Digital campaign dash boards – In management information systems, a dashboard is “an easy to read, often single page, real-time user interface, showing a graphical presentation of the current status (snapshot) and historical trends of an organization’s key performance indicators to enable instantaneous and informed decisions to be made at a glance

Measuring Buzz

  • Benchmark and track
  • Metrics now and later
  • Need to plan to measure (this is our goal and this is how we will measure)
  • Attribute revenues to channels and start seeing bigger #s that social is worth it


Reporting Tools

Analytics platform that integrates industry-leading tools to manage your digital marketing Unify marketing analytics in one single dashboard Up-sell. Drive revenue. Increase customer retention.  Deliver useful marketing intelligence to your agents and customers Uses comparative scoring, campaign analysis, advanced trending insights

Basic – $24 per client per month (Unlimited agent access) Standard Integrations
Premium – $100 per month (Unlimited agent access) 5 clients included, Standard integrations, Each additional client $20 per month
Enterprise – Call for pricing

Tools for production and distribution process

Problem: Many marketers who have stepped into the blogging and content management process have done so by using WordPress or other basic blogging tools.
Solution: Partner with companies who specialize in providing solutions for companies looking to add more content marketing sophistication to their basic blogging strategy.

Compendium (a content marketing platform): A replacement for WordPress and other blogging tools, but it is more feature-rich for content marketing applications

Interesting Feature of Note: In alignment with its desire to use data to automatically optimize content, Compendium offers marketers the ability to use external data to optimize the digital experience for an audience. For example, if it’s snowing, a marketer might use Compendium to automatically tweet out or post a blog on the best tires to use in inclement weather.

Their Approach: When you work with Compendium, you move through its “5P” methodology (plan, produce, publish, promote, and prove)

Organizations paying between $3,500 and $65,000 annually for a combination of software and services have various attributes that affect pricing such as number of users; multi-layered workflow; personas, access to support and training.

Good for Blogging, Finding Freelance Creative Writers

Problem: Need to produce a significant amount of creative content
Solution: Utilize a software platform that connects brands with creative content writers

Contently sees itself as the “plumbing that underlies great branded content.” Its software platform “powers relationships” between brands that need to produce content and talented journalists who can create it. It offers tools for brands to connect with writers and review their portfolios, and provides an easy way for marketers to source a large, disparate number of writers into their content channels. Ability to assign projects to writers, manage editorial calendars, and track how content performs over time.

What differentiates Contently: The interesting thing about Contently is how much care it seems to place on the writer side. Contently takes quite an active role in recruiting professional journalists to the service.

The content editing interface is quite friendly as you add assignments to writers who cover different areas of the content you want to produce. As with other solutions presented in this report, you can add special instructions, due dates, payment options, etc. also, you can see changes, request changes, and even toggle between changes that have been made by either the author or editor.

The workflow empowers you to reject or iterate content within the system. Once it is ready, the content can be published directly to WordPress or to other web content management systems with a custom integration.

Good for Editorial Calendar/Content Collaboration tool/Blogging

Problem: Marketers often resort to shared spreadsheets and documents in order to maintain an editorial calendar. As marketers start to adopt content marketing as a process, they often find themselves adapting tools to help organize the editorial process. Blogging is a fast-moving production process that needs to be facilitated through a fast, collaborative workflow.
Solution: Facilitate ephemeral content through a fast, collaborative workflow.

DivvyHQ is an editorial calendar/content collaboration tool that enables teams to manage the editorial workflow process. DivvyHQ’s customers most likely are currently managing their editorial calendars in spreadsheets, and are frustrated because their workflow processes aren’t supported by their existing web content management systems.

One editorial calendar for up to three users costs about $30 a month. This pricing goes up as you add calendars and users until you get to 10 calendars and 20 users, where the price is $150 a month.

Larger enterprises continue to adopt this product, pushing DivvyHQ’s product development strategy toward supporting larger and more diverse teams.

Good for creating more valuable content for search engines and human consumption (via social sharing)

Problem: marketers must create content for both machine and human (social sharing) consumption, but the problem is there is no way for humans to know before they create the content how it will resonate across channels, and how it will perform in search algorithms. As such, many investments in content are not fully realized.
Solution: Give writer insight before and as they are writing the content. The goal of the automated insight is to help the writer create more valuable content for both search engines and human (social sharing) consumption

Scores each piece of content it processes. This score reflects the likelihood that the content will attract a meaningful online audience.

Software automates known best practices that could be considered tedious and time-consuming if done manually, and provides users with visibility to metrics that may influence the performance of content.

Can use to gain insight on how to improve blog posts or use it as a “going forward” tool to provide insight into content that is produced from a point forward.

Professional plan – $40 a month

Good for connecting brands with freelance writers to produce creative content

Scripted connects brands and agencies with its marketplace of writers. Scripted’s goals is to improve the quality of writing on the Internet. It is a writer’s marketplace. The company connects brands with freelance writers to produce content including blogs, tweets, white papers.

The company originally started out by registering online screenwriters, and it used this assembly of talent to pivot and move into the content marketing business.

Scripted charges flat fees for content, rather than by word count. You pick the quantity of items such as blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, video scripts, white papers, etc… and a calculator estimates the cost for that quantity. An average post costs between $75 and $100 depending on length. Scripted has some basic calendaring tools for blogging and tweeting as well.

Pure Editorial Collaboration Tool and a Writers Network Collaboration Service

Skyword offers software tools to help companies collaborate with internal and external teams, as well as gain access to a network of writers who can produce digital content. The company also offers optional consultative services that include content strategy, custom writer recruitment, and editorial.

The company says it wants to provide everything a client would need to “reach and engage an audience with original content.”

Three platform packages and three service packages: The Starter Platform package starts at $1,200 per month and then packages up to $3,400 per month.

Tools for social media management:

Direct Message Lab – Provides consulting, implementation and a platform (REACH) for centralized management of social media promotions & contests, advertising and measurement.
Selligent – Comprehensive social media marketing platform with a referral marketing platform, social sharing tool and campaign management application. (Disclosure: StrongMail is a TopRank client)
Spredfast – Enterprise social media management system that allows an organization to manage, monitor, and measure its voices across multiple social media channels. Also offers a white label option for agencies.
Awareness – Social marketing hub that centralizes social media content publishing, management, measurement and engagement. Also includes access to 7 white-labeled, best practice social networking applications.
@this moment – Built on the @this moment platform, DEC is a system for managing a brand’s presence across multiple online environments combining multimedia UGC, and a variety of real-time inputs which are distributed across social platforms including YouTube Brand Channels, Facebook Fan Pages, MySpace Brand Communities & the iPhone.
MediaFunnel – Offers a Business Social Media platform for Facebook and Twitter supporting multiple users per profile and editorial review. Includes monitoring and integrates with
Sprinklr – Social media marketing platform and consulting services for consumer & B2B marketers as well as agencies. Provides social media audience research, acquisition, content promotion and measurement tools.
Janrain – Web based platform of tools including: Engage to make it easy for users to connect a site with their social networks, Federate to facilitate navigation across multiple web properties & partner sites with a single log-in (currently supports 16 networks), Capture to leverage user data for personalized experiences.
Sprout Social – Affordable social media dashboard, monitoring, team workflow, influencer and contact management, performance metrics and daily or weekly email summaries. Supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp and Foursquare.
Sendible – Social media marketing platform that supports 30+ networks & services offering management of: accounts/profiles, messages & content, social contacts, content discovery, engagement, blog content & promotion, monitoring and analytics. Also offers a white label version for agencies.

Syndication Tools:

Facebook Business Page – In your applications area, search for the “Social RSS” application and get it set up to publish your content to your Facebook page wall automatically.
LinkedIn Personal Profiles – Look for “Blog Link” or “WordPress” in the applications section on your profile page and set it up to auto-post your content to your LinkedIn profile. Don’t forget to tell all of your employees to do this too. If you have a lot of employees, the increase in your potential reach could be gigantic.
Plaxo – Although not as popular, Plaxo is another great business networking site that makes it really easy to “add a feed” and plug in your blog content automatically.
Ning Community Sites – If any of your fishing holes are built on the Ning platform, you can plug in your feed using the “Add RSS” widget included on your profile page.

URL Shortener Tools:

Google URL Shortener
YOURLS: Your Own URL Shortener

Tools for Scheduling Status Updates

Hootsuite, Twuffer, and Later Bro

Social Bookmarking Sites


“Digg delivers the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet right now. The Internet is full of great stories, and Digg helps you find, read, and share the very best ones. It’s simple and it’s everywhere: visit Digg on the web, find it on your iPhone, or get the best of Digg delivered to your inbox with The Daily Digg”

A dig – a thumbs up, a positive vote, for a story. Any Digg user can dig a story, and every dig helps to inform where that story appears on the Digg homepage and Digg iPhone app.

Digg Score – A Digg Score is the sum of the number of diggs, Facebook shares and tweets for a story.Roll over any Digg Score to see a breakdown of the votes. The new Digg Score that we implemented with this launch is an experiment and a work in progress, but we’re excited to see how this new data can help us identify the stories that our users care the most about.

How to sign up for Digg – Right now, you can create an account using either your Facebook or Twitter credentials. If you decide to sign up for Digg with Facebook, all of the stories you digg will be shared to your Facebook Timeline. You can disable Timeline sharing at any time by visiting Settings.


  • Marketers get to see page views and receive questions aka: awesome new blog post topics!
  • 31st most highly trafficked site in the world
  • Has distinct communities called SubReddits: Startups, Entrepreneur, Technology, Business, Productivity, User Experience

Reddit’s formula

  • Story
  • Bullet-point summary
  • Link
  • Question

Important for marketers to

  • Start a conversation with your content
  • Read rules on right hand side prior to posting to any Subreddit
  • Make sure that your content is relevant to the Subreddit to which you are posting

  • Online community of marketers discussing broad topics from web design to SEO
  • To get the marketing community engaged
  • Sends emails asking for people to regularly join discussions and start conversations
  • Marketers can learn from one another

About submissions

  • Newest go to “latest” tab
  • Fall off (go to “trending” tab) unless they get 7+ points within 10hrs
  • “Top” section includes posts with the most upvotes (at least 250)

Important for marketers to

  • Post interesting topics with style, not “5 Reasons Why We’re an Awesome Company”
  • Review the Community Guidelines page for content submissions
  • Post to appropriate channels such as SEO, Social, Content, Blogging, Entrepreneurship and more

  • Seemingly dated interface and layout, yet a good place to visit
  • 25 categories, each having a recent and a popular page
  • Approximately 16 upvotes are needed in order to make it to the popular page of any category

List of Other Sites:

StumbleUpon, Delicious, Furl, Blummy, Ma.Gnolia, Blink List


For up to date content marketing information and tips:

Content Marketing Institute
Advertising Age

For small business marketing:

For internet research &statistics:

SEO Tool Links
Keyword tools Ubersuggest
Term Explorer
Ranking tools Google Search Console
Authority Labs
Cost Effectiveness Tools Outdated Content Finder
Yoast WordPress Plugin
Link Building Tools Moz SEO Toolbar
Majestic Backlink Analyzer
Link Removal Tools Disavow Tool Free
Technical SEO Tools WooRank Plugin
Screaming Frog

SEO tool links from Alexander Clark’s-6 Essential Types of SEO Tools for 2016