Tana Mitchell, Author at Apple Box Studios

Author: Tana Mitchell

Internal Communications v/s Human Resources: Are they the same?

The lines between Human Resource Management and Internal Communications is often blurred. Many companies see these as one in the same, while others have separate departments and/or employees for these functions. Both functions are engaging with the same audience (employees),

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Your Inner Picasso

What does it mean to be creative?

  We often think about creativity as making something. We think Mozart, Picasso, Einstein. But in fact, the root of the word means ‘to grow’. Human beings are essentially born creative. From infancy on we find innovative ways to negotiate

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Creative Management & Defeating Busy: A tip from Tana

defeating busy

I’m heading into my 8th year with Apple Box Studios as Business Manager and when I’m not juggling laundry and soccer practice, I’m helping manage an office full of creative thinkers with big ideas, even bigger skills and little time for the admin/HR-stuff

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