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Perhaps the toughest audience to effectively reach today is the college-age consumer. They are inundated with information, surprised by practically nothing and naturally skeptical of sales pitches. With this crowd, traditional messaging can be a liability. They like to break the rules and their marketing should do the same. Our success in higher education marketing is based on three simple ingredients—bold, passionate and promising.

branding campaign for Seton Hil University

Fear Nothing But A Closed Mind – Branding Campaign

Seton Hill University

When Seton Hill University first approached Apple Box in 2003, we had little higher ed experience. Lucky for us. After researching the regional market space, we discovered that every university in the area was advertising the exact same way—as expected. Not one institution stood out. The reason: they were working with creative agencies that specialized in higher ed. They also specialized in the conventional, the safe, the usual—everything young students don’t appreciate. Our approach to a branding campaign was to challenge potential students on an emotional level. Our approach broke the mold.


Forward Alumni Magazine

Seton Hill University

After successfully developing and launching Seton Hill’s new brand, the university again called on Apple Box Studios. This time it was to redesign its alumni magazine, Forward. The alumni magazine allows Seton Hill to keep in touch with its alumni post-graduation and is a vital fundraising platform. The goal of the redesign challenge was to bring the Seton Hill experience to life, showcasing its vibrancy and spirit. More specifically, the alumni magazine highlighted the significant progress and growth achieved by Seton Hill. In order to make the publication more accessible, Apple Box Studios also created an affordable digital magazine called Go Forward. Now alumni are able to connect with the university through mobile and other devices.