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Remote Video Services

As the remote workforce continues to grow, businesses around the world are integrating digital technology and video-based applications into their daily routines. These changes have led to an increased demand in off-site forms of communication including webinars, executive communications, remote video recordings, and virtual conferences. In response to the remote workforce trend, Apple Box Studios utilizes the Zoom platform to provide clients with remote video opportunities, helping you enhance the effectiveness of your video-based communications. The best part? You only have to look presentable from the waist up.

  • Virtual Events & ConferencesVirtual Events & Conferences
  • Webinars & Online TrainingWebinars & Online Training
  • Live-Streaming Video PresentationsLive-Streaming Video Presentations
  • Remote Executive CommunicationsRemote Executive Communications
  • Knowledge Leadership InitiativesKnowledge Leadership Initiatives
  • Employee CommunicationsEmployee Communications

Please pass the remote

Virtual Conferences

Virtual ConferencesApple Box Studios works with its clients on virtual events, big and small. From simple Zoom webinars to larger dedicated virtual platforms, we can pull all the resources together to make your event happen, mixing both live streaming and pre-recorded video presentations.

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How do you zoom?

Here’s how we zoom.


Zoom Meeting

  • Interaction between co-hosts and audience members can be restricted by the host
  • All attendees can turn on their webcams but are restricted by the host to share their screens and turn on their microphone
  • All attendees can see the names of other attendees in the Participants window and exchange messages
  • Interaction between co-hosts and audience members can be very interactive or view-only by audience members depending on the desired interactivity level

Zoom Webinar

  • Restricts audience members from turning on their webcams, or turning on their microphones without permission from the Host
  • Does NOT allow audience members to see the names of other audience members,
  • Dedicated “Q&A” feature that allows the audience to submit questions, in addition to the optional Chat feature

The technicalities

  • Apple Box Studios will act as the Host
  • The Host will supervise the stream, assist any co-hosts or audience members that appear to be having issues with the stream, and ensure an overall smooth virtual event
  • All proceedings during the stream can be recorded and archived or edited for future use
  • A link can be distributed to all co-hosts and audience members at any point in advance of the event; audience members logging on can be kept in a virtual waiting room displaying the name of the event until the event starts.
  • Co-hosts can log in to the event prior to the designated start time and be ushered into the meeting without having to stay in the waiting room so that the Host can grant them proper security permissions.

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Training & Professional Development

Training & Professional Development

The corporate classroom goes virtual

Remote video technologies and platforms are opening up new possibilities for workforce training including onboarding programs, orientation days, safety classes, executive communications, software and technical training, and other business curriculum.

By leveraging these new remote video capabilities, organizations deploying them at scale can achieve true economies related to time, money, travel and productivity.

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Remote Video Tours

If your audience can’t come to your location, let Apple Box Studios bring your location to your audience. Remote video tours are ideal to showcase amazing spaces and places such as museums, tourist attractions, art galleries, sports venues, commercial real estate, college campuses and other corporate facilities. It’s time to step up and show off a little.

Ask about our Remote Record Kit

Our remote video record kit is the perfect solution for capturing high-quality video in a post-covid world. For executive communications, customer testimonials, live conferences and webinars, the kit brings better sound and image quality to your Teams, Zoom or private platform events. Easy to ship and even easier to setup with any laptop or PC, the kit contains a high-resolution camera, microphone and multi-temperature light with stand. Apple Box Studios manages the entire process, including shipping, setup, technical run-through, video recording and the online platform for live events.

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