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Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising—tv, radio, billboard and print—is still the heart of B2C marketing. Creating, launching and managing any advertising campaign can be quite complex. It involves dividing a finite budget into an endless number of cost allocation possibilities. It involves analyzing and translating audience demographics into the perfect mix of marketing touchpoints and delivery channels. It involves negotiating numerous placements with numerous media outlets over numerous rounds of tradeoffs. Building an effective advertising campaign involves a sense of urgency because every day that goes by without a message is money lost.

“Traditional advertising involves dividing a finite budget into an endless number of cost allocation possibilities”

Apple Box Studios has long-standing broadcast relationships from local and syndicated programming to regional and national networks. We always take a holistic approach to advertising, meaning we look at the whole picture to achieve your desired outcomes. There are literally thousands of media buying choices to be determined, so it takes an experienced media buyer to help achieve rating points that result in reaching a higher percentage of your market. So where do you start? With your audience of course. More often than not, the advertising campaigns we develop on behalf of our clients involves a combination of both traditional and digital marketing.

Traditional Advertising Services

  • Media strategy & planning
  • Media buying & negotiating
  • Market & audience research
  • Broadcast
  • Cable
  • Radio
  • Outdoor
  • Publications
  • Newspaper
  • Direct Mail
  • Campaign metrics & analysis