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Digital Marketing

Apple Box Studios provides well-researched, well-organized and well-measured digital marketing campaigns that cut through all the tech jargon and monthly metrics. From audience targeting to post-buy analysis, we offer clients access to interested customers through a variety of inbound advertising platforms. Most of all, our campaigns are “always on” and always optimizing. This means we’re always watching every inch of your digital spend. Step up and let us launch one or more of the following digital campaigns for your company.

  • Google Ad campaigns
  • Facebook
  • InstagramInstagram
  • PandoraPandora
  • Click-to-callClick-to-call
  • Retargeting display adsRetargeting display ads
  • Native advertisingNative advertising
  • Linked InLinked In

Digital Marketing Workflow

  • Advertising strategy designResearch & Plan

    • Keyword Research
    • Google Ad Groups
    • Demographic Targeting
    • Customer Journey
    • Campaign Budgeting
    • National, Regional & Local Buys

  • graphic designDesign & Build

    • Text Ad Writing
    • Landing Page Creation
    • Display Ads
    • Video Ads
    • Audio Ads
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Demand-side-platforms

  • digital marketing designLaunch & Measure

    • Paid SEM
    • Paid Social
    • Content Marketing
    • Google Ad Campaigns
    • Native Advertising
    • Private Marketplace Buys
    • Direct-to-publisher Buys

  • media buying designAnalyze & Adjust

    • A/B Testing
    • Post-buy Analysis
    • Website Analytics
    • Campaign Analytics
    • Conversion Analysis

Why Digital?

Digital marketing is an entirely new discipline that requires a new kind of agency, one that can think strategically, creatively AND analytically. Always driven by a powerful brand story, we plan, budget and manage programmatic advertising for both B2B and B2C clients. Why do we love digital? Why is digital dominating the ad industry? Here are just a few of the reasons.

  • Targeting

    Geography, age, gender, income, family and marital status, behavior, religion, politics, preferences, geo-fencing. It’s all available. It’s all a marketer’s dream.

  • Grass Roots

    Digital is as direct as it gets. Driven by the power of search, there is no better way to take your messaging to the front lines, engage consumers ready to purchase and start collecting conversions.

  • Testing

    A/B testing for messages, platforms, demographics and product offers is limited only by your imagination or budget. Well-managed metrics make it possible.

  • Messaging Flexibility

    Digital marketing can accommodate almost any ad format—video, display, text, takeovers, audio and native. Scale up, scale down—stop, start or adjust your campaigns quickly and easily.

  • Cost-Effective

    For many products and services, there is no better advertising value than programmatic, cost-per-click digital campaigns. You only pay for a consumer’s interest. Just make sure your message resonates.

  • Measurement

    Digital advertising campaigns are driven by results, not research. Once launched, your campaign responds to the numbers, so there are no excuses. As they say, ‘if you’re not measuring, you’re only practicing.’

Get Started With Digital


    Some of our favorite digital advertising tools and programs to build a digital campaign and get the job done

    • Scarborough Research

      Research local consumer behavior, preferences and media habits based on specific demographics

    • Kantar

      Learn about the digital media spend of your competitors

    • Comscore

      Evaluate digital media platforms to choose the right one for your audience

    • Google Ads

      Build and manage your Google SEM campaigns

    • Google Tag Manager

      Measure clicks and conversions across your landing pages and request forms

    • Moat

      Test creative messaging against several parameters

    • eMarketer Pro

      Identify and react to trends in digital marketing, media and commerce

    • MRI Simmons

      Survey-based consumer preferences

    • DV DoubleVerify

      Authenticate and verify digital marketing ad placements and tracking

    • Google Analytics

      Measure clicks and conversions across your landing pages and request forms

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