Our Specialties

Marketing for Vertical Markets

What are our specialties? We specialize in getting your point across—in persuading your audience and inspiring your people. We do this for a wide range of companies seeking a variety of outcomes. Our specialty is human nature, regardless of industry, media or message. Over the years, we have acquired a unique level of expertise in four specific vertical markets.

Apple Box Tackles Tourism Marketing
Since 2002, Apple Box Studios has been creating and telling stories through motion pictures—compelling stories that strike an emotional chord and showcase the art of cinematography. In fact, the name Apple Box comes from our extensive experience in the feature film industry. More recently, our love of travel, culture and adventure has opened the door to a new opportunity—we have turned our talents to tourism marketing, working with such clients as VisitPittsburgh, Visit Milwaukee, Visit Tampa and Destination Marketing Association International. After all, every city has a story to tell. Step up and let us tell yours.
Total Repair SM



When MEDRAD (currently Bayer Healthcare) wanted to make a big splash with a new service guarantee none of its competitors could match, Apple Box Studios recommended the offering be branded with a formal name and service mark. After landing on TotalRepair, we designed a flagship ad with real stopping power aimed at hospitals, radiology technicians, administrators and radiologists.

The first phase of the campaign was to create industry buzz about the new offer by unveiling the service mark in dramatic fashion. The integrated campaign consisted of print ads, online banner ads, direct mail, tradeshow collateral and signage, website elements and e-mail blasts—all created in compliance with MEDRAD’s existing brand standards. Sales for the service in the first year increased over 35 percent as a result of the campaign. Four other business units at MEDRAD took notice and called us to duplicate this success.

Excela Health, The Journey of a Lifetime integrated healthcare marketing campaign

The Journey of a Lifetime Begins Here™

Excela Health

A leading, regional healthcare system in southwestern Pennsylvania, Excela Health came to Apple Box Studios to help generate public awareness for its newly renovated maternity services. Aimed at families and mothers-to-be in a four-county area, “The Journey of a Lifetime Begins Here” campaign included a wide range of marketing collateral and advertising touch points. The integrated campaign won several healthcare marketing awards, won the hearts and minds of many young families and made the maternity ward at Excela Health THE place to have a baby in Southwestern Pennsylvania.


Central Blood Bank

The Institute for Transfusion Medicine (ITxM) operates the Pittsburgh Central Blood Bank and Life Source in Chicago. While its blood donation staff is well trained technically with regard to safety and regulatory procedures, they have little or no customer service training or awareness. With blood donations decreasing, ITxM embarked upon an enterprise-wide donor service initiative that was to permeate the entire organization. Known as DonorFirst, the program set out to create a positive and lasting cultural change across ITxM.

We first developed three DonorFirst principles to provide a framework for all DonorFirst communications: awareness, acknowledgement and accountability. On a practical level, we encouraged employees to personally connect with each donor through the three E’s: engage, educate and explain. Delivered online, both individually and in large training sessions, DonorFirst is a highly engaging tool consisting of interactive games, animations, videos, discussion guides and supporting print materials.

The New Face of Northwood

The New Face of Northwood

Northwood Realty Services

Going head-to-head with a larger, more established advertising agency, Apple Box Studios won this account with a bold new approach to real estate marketing. With “The New Face of Northwood” campaign, we were able to present Northwood agents as hard working hero figures at the corporate level. We put a friendly, honest and consistent face on real estate.  The impact has been remarkable with increases to total sales volume, average sale price and agent recruitment.

Northwood Realty Services was suffering from an out-of-date and overly traditional brand image in a real estate market that was innovating with new technology. After carefully researching the residential real estate market, we learned the industry centered around the personal relationships and connections of agents who essentially act as self-employed representatives. Because of their freelance status, traditional industry ads featuring the photos of individual agents were often unmemorable, unappealing and even a liability.

Northwood Moms campaign and #northwoodformoms

Northwood Moms – social media and blogging campaign

Northwood Realty Services

Surrounded by a growing market of competitors, Northwood Realty Services was faced with a pressing need to expand its family of agents. Keeping in mind Northwood’s long history of passion, hard work and commitment, Apple Box Studios presented Northwood with a solution: recruit moms. We launched the Northwood Moms campaign aimed specifically at working moms looking for career flexibility and unlimited salary opportunities.

How do you reach today’s most targeted audience? By word-of-mouth that combines the power of influencer marketing with the right channels and the right content. We developed a strategy to connect with numerous mom bloggers, all with extensive online audiences and credibility. The aim was to generate significant awareness through the bloggers’ amplification on social media platforms. We also paired the Northwood Moms campaign with the hashtag #NorthwoodForMoms. The branded hashtag generated more than 2.3million+ impressions and quickly translated to a flood of applications to Northwood.

branding campaign for Seton Hil University

Fear Nothing But A Closed Mind – Branding Campaign

Seton Hill University

When Seton Hill University first approached Apple Box in 2003, we had little higher ed experience. Lucky for us. After researching the regional market space, we discovered that every university in the area was advertising the exact same way—as expected. Not one institution stood out. The reason: they were working with creative agencies that specialized in higher ed. They also specialized in the conventional, the safe, the usual—everything young students don’t appreciate. Our approach to a branding campaign was to challenge potential students on an emotional level. Our approach broke the mold.

Alumni Magazine

Forward Alumni Magazine

Seton Hill University

After successfully developing and launching Seton Hill’s new brand, the university again called on Apple Box Studios. This time it was to redesign its alumni magazine, Forward. The alumni magazine allows Seton Hill to keep in touch with its alumni post-graduation and is a vital fundraising platform. The goal of the redesign challenge was to bring the Seton Hill experience to life, showcasing its vibrancy and spirit. More specifically, the alumni magazine highlighted the significant progress and growth achieved by Seton Hill. In order to make the publication more accessible, Apple Box Studios also created an affordable digital magazine called Go Forward. Now alumni are able to connect with the university through mobile and other devices.

Mighty Beautiful Pittsburgh


VisitPittsburgh recently asked Apple Box Studios to create a convention and tourism recruitment video showcasing one of the “most livable” cities in the country. Using a light-weight and cost-effective UVAC or Unmanned Video Aircraft Camera, Apple Box was able to capture the amazing topography of Pittsburgh from the sky, now tagged “Mighty Beautiful Pittsburgh.” Apple Box Studios is pleased to showcase this new and exciting video capability.

It pays to throw a good party – Tourism Video

Visit Milwaukee

Economically. Culturally. Aesthetically. The City of Milwaukee is on the move and Apple Box Studios is helping to get the message out. Working closely with Visit Milwaukee, we recently created an entertaining membership and tourism video that dramatically demonstrates the ROI of just one person bringing just one convention into the city. A must see for anyone in the tourism industry, this award-winning, animated video follows the multiplying money trail left behind by a meeting planner and thousands of his conventioneers. The tourism video and presentation can be easily and cost-effectively adapted for other destinations.

The Destination for Destination Marketing Video

Destination Marketing Association International

When the big week arrives and the conventioneers come to town, Apple Box can create the visual themes and inspiring presentations to make the event special and memorable. For its annual conference, Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) came to us for a kickoff video showcasing the impact this organization delivers to its members. Created with pre-existing images and kinetic text, this type of destination marketing video is becoming a specialty here at Apple Box.