Understanding Google’s Ranking Criteria for SEO

A common interest of many business owners is getting their company to rank high in Google search rankings.  In order to accomplish this seemingly difficult task, we must first understand exactly how Google Search Ranking works.  This article from Blue Corona breaks things down in a simplified manner to help us better understand Google’s algorithm […]

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SEO Tips You Can Actually Understand

There is one marketing acronym many business owners continue to cringe over today – SEO or ‘search engine optimization.’  SEO to a business owner kind of sounds like tax season to a young 20 year-old. It’s scary because it seems confusing, it seems like it’s always working against you and it’s scary because there are a lot of parts to […]

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If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Writing Content That’s Actually Good Hi, Apple Blog! I’m here to rep the content team and talk a bit about some lessons learned over the past couple months. In typical writer fashion, I begin with a cliché: content is king. However, any good content marketing specialist knows that’s the truth, especially in the case of […]

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The Video Vault [beta]

The Video Vault Video Production Ideas, Information & Anecdotes Apple Box Studios has a long history of creating film and video projects for our clients. You name it—long form, TV spots, social media videos, training videos and more. We’ve done it all. In fact, our name comes from the feature film business. As a value

Advertising Careers

Freelance Graphic Designer We are currently seeking freelance Graphic Designers to help with overflow work on an as needed basis. Candidates should have excellent verbal and written communication skills, be hard working and able to work well with a group as well as independently. Opportunities include everything from creating integrated ad campaigns, websites, magazine publications,


Search Engine Optimization
Interactive Tools
Animated Powerpoints

Learning to Box: My Advertising Internship

I came to Apple Box following my sophomore year at Penn State. I began my first internship with high hopes of furthering my marketing and overall business experience. And that is exactly what I got! Over these last three months, I have gained an abundance of experience from actually being able to contribute to projects […]

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My Advertising Internship at The Box

As a soon to be senior at Penn State University, I knew finding an internship that would help me grow professionally, and give me first hand experience in the communications and marketing fields was imperative. After interning at Apple Box Studios for the past three months, I can confidently say that I have gained just […]

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5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Unfortunately, there are many companies that do not think they need any marketing. Crazy, right? Sure the whole “word-of-mouth” strategy has helped many companies blow up successfully. But, that kind of strategy is the exception, and rarely something companies should depend on. Marketing is not something to be afraid of; if your company is showcasing an […]

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