May 2016 - Apple Box Studios

Month: May 2016

Welcome To the World of Branding & Advertising!

We are pleased to announce our two newest hires: Alyssa Petroplus, Client Strategist, and Amy Meyers, Senior Media Director.   As the Media Director, Amy is responsible for the planning, negotiation, placement and monitoring of all Apple Box Studios’ client

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Creative Director Pickleball Interview

  Check out who was featured on WPXI’s “Talking Pittsburgh”! Our CEO & Creative Director, Michael Wertz, and Wayne Dollard, publisher of Pickleball Magazine discussing the upcoming Gamma Pickleball Classic June 3rd – June 5th at the David L. Lawrence

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How To Be RFP-rific!

No Business Development department or initiative would be complete without RFPs. Even though they can be a little frustrating at times, RFPs are definitely worth your efforts and attention. They can help you land a whale of a client and

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Apple Box Taco Take-Over

Primanti Bros., Pierogies, Pittsburgh Popcorn. Our city is known for many things, signature foods being one of them. As the “foodie” scene explodes in the ‘Burgh, we have been subject to an awesome array of new and exciting food combos

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