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Month: May 2015

Northwood For Moms Campaign

Calling all moms! Thursday evening: the wine and cupcakes are flowing, and so is the conversation. Set in the Northwood Realty offices in the Adams Shoppes in Cranberry Township the Northwood Moms and a group of mom bloggers from all

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Cheers to Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is a time of remembrance, giving thanks, and toasting to not only the start of the summer season, but toasting to the men and women who served our country. For many, including most of us at the Box, we will welcome

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Producing Mobile First Video

This is where I would normally insert a sparkly statistic about the increase in viewing video on smart phones and tablets, but there is no need because this is old news. Mobile is and has been taking over as the go-to

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Northwood Neighborhood Awards

The Pittsburgh region has a proud sense of identity, work ethic, shared history, diverse ethnicities and lifestyles, businesses, food and tradition. Much of this can be seen, felt or heard in the individual places around Pittsburgh that make up our

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